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“He puts a gun on your pillow every night?”
“Pretty much.”

It was no surprise when sex worker Marnie called retired pastor Shepherd Murdoch for help. But when Shep arrived at Marnie’s house, she found the kitchen covered in blood, her young son left behind and Marnie nowhere to be found. All Shep really wants is to grow flowers in her greenhouse, but a nagging sense of duty draws her into a dangerous underworld as she searches for Marnie and tries to take care of her boy. And is police Sgt. Kelly flirting with her? She just hopes she can stay alive long enough to find out…

“A great new author gives us a fresh and complicated female sleuth in Reverend Shepherd Murdock. This well-written debut is packed with plenty of entertaining trouble, wisdom, worries, and humor. I loved this book. A highly recommended new arrival for mystery readers!”
—Christine DeSmet, author, Fudge Shop Mystery Series

“Best first line I’ve read in 10 years.”
—Jeremiah Healy, lawyer and author of John Cuddy Mysteries